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As a major player at the forefront of music trends in Düsseldorf, Hiro's Music Production provides up-to-date information on artists who have recorded at the studio, as well as hot projects and productions. Scroll down for the latest news on musicians who have recorded at Hiro's Music Production, and feel free to contact us for more information.



Ricardo Marinello

Produced, arranged, mixed mastering participation work German movie, "Vincero'" official theme song Country: Germany, Italy

Piano recording: Our studio (Baldwin SD-10)



Kenji Kanemasu

This is a work that we asked us to arrange and produce a strings orchestra when producing a Ghibli work with an eye on global strategy. The pianist is by Kenichi Kinmasu, who supports Iwao Furusawa.

Piano recording: Our studio (Baldwin SD-10)


You're not Alone

Viviana Milioti

World debut by Italian-German Viviana Milioti, who boasts overwhelming singing ability. Starting with the relationship with Tony Luzzi, Viviana has been raised by Tony so far, so we received a request to produce the official debut board. In the first place, "Du Bist Nicht Allein" written by Tony with German lyrics was the original song, and it was remade and released as an English version again.


Art of Richard Clayderman

Hiro Furuya

This work was created with the concept of the most enjoyable project with band members scattered all over the world who share numerous projects throughout the year. A new interpretation is added to Richard Clayderman's masterpiece, and a drastically arranged song and the world's best performance are blended. Starting with the dense sound make-up of Job and ODDS, who newly joined as synthesizer player programming members, the traditional members Ziv and Chuck are also enjoying playing to the fullest.

Recordings were made in London, New York, St. Petersburg and Japan (piano).


Du Bist Nicht Allein - You're Not Alone -

Tony Luzzi

Italy's leading composer, Tony Luzzi's latest album in Düsseldorf, Germany. Inviting superstars from 6 countries around the world, we aimed to create a high-quality song that demonstrates the world's highest level of skill. From the genre of classical crossover, the composition of musical instruments is also very complicated and difficult, so it is worth noting that the number of producers who can handle it is limited to a very small part in the world. Each song is in English, German, and Italian, and is popular in France, Germany, and the United States.


All Stars Night Ends - Hero Ver -

Hiro Furuya, antihoney

A work that caught the eye of radio DJ Michael Tiffany and was announced to commemorate the release of the song on 21 US and British radio stations. Originally, the song by Antihoney, who was asked to produce it, was the original, but when it was remade and announced with a different taste, it recorded more than 100,000 streams mainly in the United States in just three days after its release.


Luxury Night At Moon River

Michal Sobkowiak

A Moon River project by Polish pianist Michal Sobkoviak. Produced by an international team in Düsseldorf, recorded in Japan (piano) and St. Petersburg, and arranged in strings in Cologne.

[Demo sound source on the left] [Completed sound source after producing, arranging, recording, mixing, and mastering on the right]

* Additional recordings in London, St. Petersburg, New York, Nashville, Cologne, etc.


As Producer

Hiro Furuya

Master: Appointed as a pianist and piano arranger with John Capek. In addition, Elton John drummer Chuck Sabo (London) and guitarist Ziv Shalev (New York) also participated. The strings orchestra was recorded in St. Petersburg.

John Capek

Composer / arranger

Profile: Born in Czech. A true living legend that has provided songs to TOTO, Diana Ross, Olivia Newton-John, Rod Stewart and others.


Sefi Carmel

Composer / arranger