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Music Production

Produced by the world's best class, to a song that sells in the world

Karmen Pál-Baláž --In charge of mastering Anjel. April 2019 Charted in at No. 10 on the Eastern Europe chart.

"Monetize music concretely"

The music business is now in an era of full-scale global consumption. Until now, Japan has been a business model centered on physical product sales centered on CDs, and it has been a market formation that has avoided globalization in an extreme way, but in the global market, the profits of music companies from subscriptions are Now that it's said to be 80%, the market has grown to the point where most of the revenue from Spotify and Apple Music is almost the same. In particular, Spotify is the largest market, and if you can't control Spotify, it's almost impossible to survive in the music market.

However, it is very difficult to raise the number by subscription in the domestic market alone, and the key to business is how to secure the greatest common divisor in the global market. This is the same situation for all labels, and while searching variously, the current situation is that we have not earned enough numbers to actually manage the label as an organization.

It is clear that this will make the domestic music industry inoperable, and obviously we need to reborn everything with new values.

Based on these assumptions, from the know-how that we have been fiercely competing on the world stage and producing hit songs, we will produce songs that aim to be streamed tens of thousands of times in the world market every month to domestic music related people. We are developing a service that develops promotions. The European market is especially important, and the birthplace of music earns the most expensive streaming on subscriptions.

How can it be reborn as a song that is consumed in the home of music? I would like to think about it together. It is not easy to create a song that is competitive with global standards from songs that sell in the small area of Japan, but there is no doubt that it will be the first step to secure steady profits.


Music Production

In music production, the producer composes, arranges, and records the entire project in a way that suits the plan, and embodies the monetization of the music. Headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, Speditionstrase 21, where affiliates play a central role in Western Europe, specializing in high quality music production, London, Paris, St. Petersburg, Cologne, Vienna, Amsterdam, New York, etc. We have created a system that allows you to book the best artists in one place.

The recording is done in Cologne, about 30 minutes drive from Düsseldorf, and the production environment is set up in a big city near the international airport.

Recording is possible in the field, and it is also possible to perform mixing mastering after bringing the sound source back to Japan. All music quality will be performed with the same personnel and environment as the official World Cup songs and hit songs in each country that we have experienced so far.


Music production

In the midst of globalized music production, we take advantage of our strength of having a network based on success in various countries around the world, and undertake the production of each song using the best composers and arrangers. In addition, we have created a mechanism that can flexibly handle overdubbing of any instrument, such as adding phrases to each song, adding strings and orchestra sections, and playing guitar and bass.

We have created a system that can flexibly handle artists who seemed to be above the clouds and productions that required a lot of face value.

Basically, what kind of music will you make with a producer? Alternatively, we will proceed with the production process while discussing from which part the approach to the music can lead to a better direction.

Commercial Music / music production for commercial use

Our company, which has many achievements in the past, has a lot of experience from commercial music of companies to music of product image video and BGM. It is not easy to create music as you imagined for a product, product, or service. We will do our utmost to provide higher value music and make the leap of existence of each company to a higher level.

We have introduced a system that can flexibly respond to production according to the budget, from the method of recording top overseas artists in overseas studios, having them witness on the spot, and then finishing in Japan, all from Japan. We offer a wide variety of options, such as a method of requesting a process overseas and controlling it on the domestic side each time, and a method of completing a song using a domestic artist in a domestic studio, and propose the most suitable method. I am allowed to do it.


Music production: 110,000 yen including tax / song ~
* Producer: Hirotoshi Furuya Appointment of overseas players;
・ Chuck Sabo (Drums): 330,000 yen including tax / song ・ Ziv Shalev (Guitar): 550,000 yen including tax / song ・ Overseas orchestra recording: 330,000 yen including tax / song (Cologne, St. Petersburg)
* If it is determined that arrangement is necessary when recording the orchestra, an arrangement fee of 55,000 yen including tax will be charged (arrangement charge: Hirotoshi Furuya).
Composition and arrangement;
・ Synthesizer driving: 330,000 yen including tax / song / composition (John Capek): 880,000 yen including tax / song / arrangement (Sefi Carmel): 330,000 yen including tax / song

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