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The most beautiful recording of acoustic instruments. And the highest peak mixing mastering that is active on the world stage.


ARTIST STUDIO in Makuhari opened in 2016 with the aim of becoming a studio where you can record the most difficult acoustic instruments in the most beautiful way.

In addition, in the mixing and mastering business, we have promoted the introduction of the world's most advanced equipment that has not yet reached Japan, on the premise of standing as a global music production.

In recent years, we have led songs to European charts and Asian charts, and when superstars around the world perform at dome and arena, we have seen a breakthrough such as mastering new songs at our studio.


In addition, we have contracts as international official endorsers for 13 companies, from mastering equipment to microphone manufacturers, and we are making steady progress as a music production that works with the world, which has never been seen in Japan.

For recording in the studio, from piano to vocals, chorus, brass, strings, guitar, and drums, the equipment packed with the most advanced philosophy allows you to experience sound quality that has never been created in Japan. ..

Recording Booth


This booth is compatible with various musical instruments, including pianos. Until now, we have also supported recording of opera songs (piano accompaniment) in classical music, and it is possible to record with very beautiful sounds for small and medium-sized recordings.


In addition, SPL's Crescendo, which boasts a dynamic range of 150 dB, is a clean sound that overturns the conventional wisdom of mic preamps, and is one of the best mic preamps as the world trend shifts to a realistic and powerful sound. There is no doubt that it is one. If you're recording a major scene or a world-class sound, these equipment and philosophies will definitely give you the results you want.

Recording Vocals, Guitars, Strings, and Pianos


For vocal recordings that are often requested, we also support recordings from overseas, including the United Kingdom and France. Mongolian superstar Naran, in particular, loves the studio as he has connections all over the world, and he puts so much effort into cutting-edge vocal recordings between arena parks.

In particular, the combination recording using Crescendo, the mic preamplifier of German Hi-Fi audio maker SPL as well as the up-and-coming maker Brauner, has the brilliance of the studio's advancedness even from a global perspective.

In recording each instrument, not only from the viewpoint of Hi-Fi and high resolution, but also by using a ribbon microphone such as HUM Audio to get the most musical sound, it is Hi-Fi but elegant shine. We have prepared an environment where you can record audio with a certain sound.

In addition, even in recordings such as strings and guitars, it is possible to choose a sound from a combination of innumerable equipment, and it is possible to build sound making while being more flexible and fitting the characteristics of the music. ..

Recording Drums and Narrations


Drum narration recording room when you bring your equipment. Recording is possible 24 hours a day, and room tuning is perfect. Using the characteristics of the room, it is also suitable for recording musical instruments such as vocals and narration. Depending on the direction required for the work, it is possible to expand the possibilities of using different rooms. For detailed sound vision, please contact us and we will respond to you one by one.

Analog Mixing Console for Recording


For the recording console, set the elysia Mpressor 500 on SSL XL DESK. The latest SSL work and the sound woven by an up-and-coming maker called elysia create cooperative reality and beauty.

This project was carried out as a joint project with elysia, and together with Simon Phillips, a well-known drummer of TOTO, the studio was nominated and realized as the only two endorsers in the world. Incorporate the sounds and philosophies of aggressive activity on the world stage into your own songs.


Our studio recording: 16,500 yen including tax / h (piano usage fee not included)

Lockout up to 8 hours: 110,000 yen including tax (including piano usage fee)

* 1 Booth + control room (including engineer fee)

Piano rental fee: 3,300 yen including tax / h

* Including piano tuning fee

Hall recording: From 220,000 yen including tax

* Up to the first 8 hours / Transportation fee, hall, piano usage fee are not included (please contact us for details)

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