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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? I will answer all.

How much does one recording session cost?

Piano recording at our studio is 19,800 yen including tax per hour, including tuning fee and piano usage fee. We also have a lockout plan for 8 hours including tax of 110,000 yen. Please contact us for details.

Which console are you using?

Solid State Logic XL-Desk is used as the recording console, and SPL Neos, MixDream, and Heritage Audio MCM-20.4 are also available as summing mixers.

Is it possible to charter a studio?

Studio lockout plan (8 hours) is available. Please note that we do not support the boarding of engineers.

What are the instruments that can be recorded?

In addition to the permanent grand piano, we also support recording of live musical instruments such as acoustic guitars, violins, and vocals. Guitar / bass amps and drum sets are not available.

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