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A glorious history of global achievements

2018 Germany World Cup Official Song: Participated as a sound producer / mastering engineer

Hiro's Music Production has jumped out of Japan and has made countless achievements in many countries.

Based in Düsseldorf, Germany as well as in Japan, it competes fiercely at the top of the world and participates in the official song of the German World Cup in 2018. In addition, he participated in many works as a mixing mastering engineer, including songs and movie music that chart-in in the United States and Asia, including the home of music in Europe, in a style completely different from conventional music production. We have practiced dynamic activities based on the global environment.

These activities have shocked the music industry in Japan, have been featured in the media and many seminars, and have led people to move toward the world.

Acquisition of 15 international official endorsers


Many of the dazzling achievements to date have caught the eye of manufacturers in each country, and have reached the endorser contracts with as many as 15 leading manufacturers. In particular, the relationship with SPL is remarkable, and with the company that manufactures mastering equipment, which can be said to be the top of the world at present, it has developed to the point where it handles the sole agency business in Japan within the group company, and it has become such a leading manufacturer. It is no exaggeration to say that the relation ship has brought to Japan high motivation and skills that are accepted in the world by gaining proof as a member who forms the top of the world that is irreplaceable. I am proud of it.

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