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Philosophy and achievements that have won a position in international events and hit charts around the world

Mastering Participation Works 2018 World Cup Official Song Country: Germany


We skillfully combine the equipment of the world's top manufacturers such as SPL, elysia, Bettermaker, IGS Audio, and Kii Three to find the most suitable chain for the song. The equipment used on the world stage has a quality that is completely different from the conventional wisdom, and our studio has signed international official endorser contracts with 13 companies in our home country.


"Today I looked at and listened to your Songs Sound Productions on your Web = Site, etc. I congratulate for your world class ability to Mix-Master-Music-Producing I am very happy, if a good collaboration between us is born.

Regards Hello Tony.

I was listening to the performance of each song while looking at your site today. I'm really happy with my world-class mixing and mastering abilities. Good things will come out of mutual collaboration. 』\

--Tony Luzzi -

(Germany-based classical crossover composer representing Italy)

Our music production, which has accumulated numerous achievements on the world's best stage, has grown to be counted as one of the best music studios as an independent studio, and through production with super majors around the world, We have signed international official endorser contracts with 13 companies in Europe and the United States.

His illustrious achievements have been successful in participating in international projects with a scale as a national event, as represented by the mastering of the 2018 World Cup official song (Germany). In addition, the song by German Die Denkaz, who was in charge of sound production and mastering, ranked 7th on the European chart (August 2018) and won the DMC Musiker Awards.

Furthermore, the song in charge of mastering was adopted in the European movie `` Eises Kalte'' with the same title, and from the beginning of 2019, it has gained fame in Eastern Europe such as Czech Republic and Slovakia (Eastern Europe Chart 10). Win a place). In addition, it has accumulated achievements in Asian countries such as Mongolia (3rd place on the Mongolian chart) and South Korea, and the mastering music in charge has well exceeded 2 million playbacks in each streaming, bustling the charts of each country, and dynamic on the world stage The activity has been highly evaluated, and its honorable progress has succeeded in building a track record, experience, and know-how as a global music production that has never been thought of in Japan.


Our producers and engineers are among the most successful engineers in the music industry in the world.

We are actively accepting excellent human resources from overseas, and in addition to studio work in the form of representing the Pacific area, we are in charge of product development and promotion of each manufacturer. The world's sound trends are created by these people.

The world's music production has been reborn into a completely borderless situation via the Internet, and it is difficult to keep up with the dramatic sense of speed and values ​​of the world only with the sound culture unique to Japan. ..

Working with us, who deal with the world's most advanced trends in music production every day, is useful for music production from a global perspective. At the cutting-edge global venue, domestic studios are internationally active, and we never hear the names of other domestic studios in the world.


A chain built on the basis of endorsement contracts with manufacturers around the world. Respected by mastering studios and artists all over the world, the participating songs have received a lot of analysis from Western studios and artists, and are described in various ways. Nowadays, I am in a position to be chased by the world.

The definition of mastering generally defines mastering as a series of tasks, including adjusting the sound quality in addition to adjusting between songs and inputting track IDs, IRSCs, and POS codes (PQ encoding).

Perhaps everyone is most interested in this sound quality / sound pressure adjustment and premastering, which is the part of tone creation.

As a company that provides the world's best sound, we dynamically receive orders for music production from all over the world and create various projects every day. Classical shares many projects with various artists, producers and equipment makers, including Yundi Li, Krystian Zimermann, Vienna Philharmonic, Berlin Philharmonic and Billy Joel and Eric Clapton in rock pop. , We have built a deep music experience, know-how, and achievements.

We have produced many hit songs on music charts around the world, including Europe, the home of music, and we are most good at the sound design required for popular songs. Mastering on the world stage is now so artistic that it deviates significantly from its position as a make-up in the production of music and requires the need to construct the music itself.

And in mastering and mixing, what is required of an engineer is talent. It is necessary to have the ability to compose music with world-class aesthetic sense and overwhelming brain, which cannot be helped by training and experience alone, and it can be said that it is impossible to make the world's most advanced sound without talent. Is rushing into.

How about getting in touch with the sound of an elite engineer who has an international official endorser contract from 12 leading European and American manufacturers such as SPL and elysia, who are highly evaluated for their talents from all over the world, and draw out the possibilities of songs that you have never felt before. Is not it. In particular, we are confident that you will be impressed by the wonderful finish of stem mastering, which uses hard gear for all processes.

For mixing stem mastering, SSL XL-Desk and Mpressor, which was awarded by the up-and-coming German manufacturer elysia, are set for 16 channels. This specification, planned with elysia, enables cutting-edge sound make-up. The sound woven by the latest philosophy and technology in Europe colors the music in a wide range of settings, from the sound with the most punchy and intense individuality in the world to the sound of delicate and precise acoustic instruments.

elysia's international endorsers include Simon Phillips, a well-known TOTO drummer, and two chiefs of the studio.


It's not uncommon for superstars from around the world to stop by our studio to master new songs while they're in Japan for performances such as dome and arena. Incorporating world trends, trends, and the latest philosophies into the songs, we will create hit songs with a brilliant tone even in the world's major scenes.

We are open to audiophiles as well as indie music, so please feel free to contact us.

Price / Application


Online Mastering : 60USD per one song

※The price above is not contain any options (retakes, DDP).


Retake:30USD / take

DDP export / ISRC:100USD per one disc

Reduction Noises:200USD per one song

High Resolution export*:40USD

​*If you need high sample rate or high bit rate master file (exclude 44.1 kHz 16 Bit), please add the option to your cart.

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