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We have the best and most reputable equipment in the music recording industry. We have a large selection of instruments and equipment so that you can choose what you need. Come in and check it out. Our studio staff will be happy to advise you on the equipment and instruments you need.


- PC 1 for Recording&Mixing -
OS Windows 10 64Bit
CPU Intel Core i9-10940X (3.3GHz / 14 Core)
RAM DDR4-2933 32GB
HDD 4TB for Storage
GPU NVIDIA Quadro P620 2GB
DAW Magix Samplitude Pro X5 Suite

- PC 2 for Mastering -
OS Windows 10 64Bit
CPU Intel Core i7-8700K (3.7GHz / 6 Core)
RAM DDR4-2666 64GB
HDD 4TB for Storage
GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
DAW Magix Sequoia 15

- Audio I/O for PC 1 -
Interface RME Digiface Dante (USB 3.0)
AD/DA Ferrofish A32 Dante (via Dante)
AD/DA SPL Madison x2 (via Optical MADI)

- Audio I/O for PC 2 -
Interface Marian Seraph AD2 (PCIe)
DA Converter SPL Model 1734 Mercury (via AES or USB2.0)

- Master Clock -
10MHz MUTEC REF10 Black
Distributor MUTEC MC-3+ USB

- Mastering Console & Monitor Controller -
SPL Model 1694 DMC

- Mastering Router -
SPL Model 1624 Hermes

- Mastering M/S Processor -
SPL Model 1724 Gemini

- Monitor Speaker -
Main Kii Audio Kii Three + BXT
Sub JBL 305P MkII

- Headphones Amplifier -
SPL Model 1504 HPm

- Main Recording & Mixing Console -

- Analog Summing Mixer -
SPL Model 1010 Neos
SPL Model 2384 MixDream
Heritage Audio MCM-20.4

- Equalizer -
Bettermaker Mastering Equlizer
Custom Audio Germany HDE-250A Rev.C w/Transformer
dbx 510 x4
elysia Museq
elysia Nvelope 500
elysia Xfilter 500 x2
IGS Audio iQ 500 (Special Edition)
IGS Audio iQ 505
IGS Audio RB 500 x2
IGS Audio Rubber Bands (Tube)
IGS Audio Tilt n Bands
IGS Audio 573EQ
Roger Schult W2377 Mk2 x2
SPL Model 1654 PASSEQ
SPL Model 1544 PQ

- Compressor -
Bettermaker C502V
elysia Alpha Compressor
elysia Mpressor (Rack)
elysia Mpressor 500 x14
elysia Xpressor 500 x3
IGS Audio Multicore
IGS Audio S-Type 500 VU
IGS Audio Tubecore 500
IGS Audio V8
SPL Model 1503 Des
SPL Model 1524 IRON
SPL Model 1502 TDx x2

- Microphone -
Brauner Phanthera ×3
Sony C100 ×2
Sennheiser MKH-8020 Stereo
HUM Audio RS-2

- Reverb & Effect -
AMS Neve RMX16
Eventide H9000R
Little Labs VOG

- Plugin -
Black Rooster Audio (All Versions)
Izotope Ozon8 & RX7
MAGIX Essencial FX
Plugin Alliance MEGA BANDLE
Soundtoys Soundtoys5

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